The environmental industry has evolved into two categories of service providers—the very large contractors and the smaller, more innovative environmental firms. As more and more environmental companies have consolidated into large corporations in hopes of becoming the “full service providers” to major federal contracts, we see many commercial customers’ who are looking for a modest alternative.

Superior service, one customer at a time

EXCALIBUR has chosen a different course, focusing on providing superior service to commercial & industrial clients in key, critical path areas…one customer at a time.  We believe too many environmental firms address problems strictly from a technical perspective.  EXCALIBUR distinguishes itself by building comprehensive strategies and work plans that account for the interplay among multiple site-specific regulatory, technical, and fiscal project variables which can affect our customers’ business.

EXCALIBUR evaluates customers’ environmental needs not only on a regulatory and technical basis, but also from economic, operational, future site use, liability / insurance claims risk, asset restoration and other relevant commercial and schedule perspectives. For example, for sites potentially requiring corrective action or remediation, we help customers understand the potential cash flow, present value, cost forecasting, facility disruption, and property transfer/closure ramifications of the remedial alternatives our professionals identify. Because environmental issues often take away from the bottom line, these are the types of relevant insights that EXCALIBUR’s clients typically need in order to make informed environmental decisions