Legal & Litigation Support

EXCALIBUR serves law firm clients, corporate legal departments, private parties and public entities (e.g., Department of Justice) engaged in environmental claims, various environmental litigation and pending non-compliance issues. In recent years as more and more companies feel the financial impact of environmental claims, contamination, non-compliance and past waste disposal clean-ups, greater emphasis is being placed on avoiding and managing these risks. To meet this growing demand,  EXCALIBUR’s technical experts and litigation specialists provide a full range of technical services in support of conflict resolution negotiation, environmental claims management, merger acquisition, litigation/defense, cost recovery, foreclosure and risk allocation/avoidance efforts. 
EXCALIBUR has played a key role in settling scores of contentious environmental insurance claims, defined environmental liabilities at industrial and commercial sites, and negotiated winning cost effective solutions with environmental regulatory control authorities threatening to take severe actions against our clients.  EXCALIBUR has provided critical support to attorneys and other clients on listed and proposed Superfund site cases, state environmental and asset damage cases, environmental insurance claims disputes, non-compliance issues, and critical evaluations of other expert/fact witnesses’ findings, and have provided key insights to legal advisors to lenders and others needing to have a firm understanding of the costs and other implications of site ownership, divestiture and foreclosure prior to making key business decisions.
The basic premise of our legal support team is to provide classic environmental and engineering skills to complement and strengthen clients’ litigation and defense teams.  In that light, EXCALIBUR places high priority on understanding those important strategic aspects of each case where our contributions can make the greatest positive impact.  This is precisely how EXCALIBUR staff has helped attorneys involved in environmental lawsuits, pending or likely litigation, government enforcement actions and disputes, and other significant legal actions, including important roles in representing large well-known environmental engineering firms who faced litigation. 

Our team uses decades of environmental experience and intuitive skills, to map out with our clients early on the critical path action items that offer the greatest likelihood of achieving the objective.  Emphasis is placed on efficiency to generate meaningful, timely results so as to not slow down the team effort.  EXCALIBUR also puts a high premium on accuracy and quality in the written and spoken word, knowing clear and well that effective communication of our professional instincts, opinions, findings, and recommendations is paramount to case success.
EXCALIBUR’s reputation for thoroughness and technical insights has lead to its personnel having been retained as consulting investigators and fact and expert witnesses in multiple states, including highly visible and publicized sites with alleged environmental and health impact implications.  Others clients have hired EXCALIBUR for conducting extensive historical research, full-blown file/data room reviews, forensic analyses, petroleum release identification and dating, site inspections, investigative interviews, comparative remedial alternatives, and other innovative examinations. 

Key legal support services offered by EXCALIBUR include:

  • Detailed Technical Investigations
  • Quality Control and Verification Split Sampling
  • Event Timeline Profiling
  • Independent Investigative Research and Targeted Documented Interviews
  • Strategic Field Verification
  • Forensic Project and Site Contamination Model Reconstruction
  • Laboratory Data Validation
  • Comparative Remedial Alternatives Analyses
  • Technology Feasibility Studies
  • Complete Environmental/Engineering Cost Valuations
  • Liability Cost Projections
  • Forensic Laboratory Analyses/Evaluations/Petroleum Release Dating
  • Reliable Third-party Opinions, Expert and Fact Witness Deposition and Testimony