Risk Management – Insurance & Lenders

EXCALIBUR‘s environmental insurance, investment banking, and insurance claims management clients along with their attorneys rely on EXCALIBUR to identify, define, advise, quantify environmental risks and help manage environmental liabilities. Since 1999 EXCALIBUR has assessed environmental risks and liabilities to determine the insurability of thousands of facilities, helping our clients manage their risks and saving insurance and claims handling/ management industry clients several millions of dollars. EXCALIBUR both helps its clients make sound business decisions and manage risks in offering new insurance policies but also serves as a technical cost control expert should environmental claims materialize.

EXCALIBUR assists clients acquiring, selling, foreclosing on or insuring individual or portfolios of properties subject to real estate transactions to avoid excessive financial risks, unintentional assumptions or inappropriate allocation of environmental liabilities. We provide the essential compliment of streamlined environmental research and necessary investigative, engineering and other technical services that help clients steer clear of these and other environmental risks. As experts in identifying yesteryear’s environmental problems at industrial and commercial sites, EXCALIBUR forecasts likely impacts, corrective actions, and future investigative, cleanup, and other costs needed for asset valuation. EXCALIBUR’s insurance clients rely on these analyses to set policy terms and conditions including policy premium, exclusions, endorsements, policy limits and self-insured retention (SIR) requirements. EXCALIBUR‘s track record in helping clients avoid significant environmental liabilities and costs under stringent time requirements has been remarkably consistent.

EXCALIBUR‘s professionals regularly provides expedited reviews of insurance applications for underwriter clients for a full cross-section of U.S. and international commercial and industrial facilities. Working under tight deadlines, EXCALIBUR closely coordinates and maintains communications with underwriters and insurance applicants to obtain and understand salient information to help the underwriters assess potential liabilities and claim risk. EXCALIBUR‘s new insurance policy support services frequently involve reviews of insurance applications, applicants’ historical, operational, technical, environmental, waste management, regulatory correspondence, past spill and release expenditure, claims history, environmental management programs and other relevant records to advise clients of claim risks for unknown, pre-existing and new conditions.