Liability & Asset Management

EXCALIBUR helps clients identify, define, forecast and manage assets with respect to environmental liabilities so they can stay focused on their businesses and minimize bottom line impacts.  Multi-national, Fortune 500, chemical, energy, manufacturing, engineering and construction, insurance, commercial and other types of companies, environmental indemnification funds, law firms, and others seek out EXCALIBUR’s professional advice on managing their liabilities and assets from an environmental prospective. And as a direct result of our counsel, the vast majority of our clients realize significant cost savings, operational efficiencies, accelerated project completions, less regulatory scrutiny, and other tangible benefits.

Contaminated sitesToo often companies find themselves with contaminated sites which represent significant legacy, on-going and future liability costs with little end in sight. Consent orders, regulatory directives, and other “cost drivers” have been instituted with response actions underway, often for years, with insufficient and disappointing progress. With budgets often established and pegged to the status quo approach, a subset of these programs will continue to represent enduring financial millstones without smart change that converts liabilities to cost savings and assets. EXCALIBUR’s Environmental Asset and Liability Management Services professional help clients realize this change. We are innovative, resourceful, creative, confident and most importantly, results-oriented. We take on each project as a performance-based challenge to demonstrate to existing, new, and prospective clients that EXCALIBUR can develop meaningful recommendations to improve overall project efficiency, effectiveness and performance, often-times in improved ways to seek closure for more stubborn legacy sites.Waste EXCALIBUR develops better solutions, fully compatible with our customers’ operations and culture. For example, over the past 10 years alone, our firm has successfully expedited more effective strategies at a range of industrial, commercial and former waste disposal site netting our clients tens of millions of dollars in cumulative immediate, on-going and future savings. In the last three years alone we have saved over $3 million for a single multi-national chemical client in otherwise spent costs recommended by their incumbent consultants that Excalibur showed and/ or negotiated with environmental regulators to be redundant, excessive, inappropriate or unnecessary. As the Environmental Asset Manager for a nationwide $2B loan portfolio, we saved several millions of dollars in environmental liabilities, helping their lawyers to develop new foreclosure policies and their lenders to make informed foreclosure decisions about environmentally impacted collateral facilities.

Our liability asset managers help client root out and correct for mistakes in baseline environmental investigations, engineering designs, remedial technology recommendations and construction work plans. We help clients autopsy legacy projects, examine on-going static projects for improvements, and provide keen, well thought out advice on site closures that are in the planning or near-launch phases. We’ve flagged serious invoice mistakes, corrected absolutely wrong remedial technology choices, devised much more streamlined civil engineering and scaled back overblown earthworks plans, helped clients avoid unnecessary environmental permitting and reporting redundancies, forecast better waste management/ disposal options, and repeatedly shown client cost savings through innovative competitive bidding or collaborative interaction with long-standing service providers to clients.