Due Diligence

EXCALIBUR’s due diligence clients have included buyers, sellers, lenders, owners, operators, foreclosure specialists, and other parties wishing to understand more about the historical site impacts, environmental conditions and potential liabilities associated with real estate and on-site operations. These services have ranged from desk-top and internet research and crafted telephone interviews of target companies to in-depth historical research, thorough in-field environmental assessments and interviews, record searches and reviews, and compliance audits of major industrial portfolios.
EXCALIBUR’s environmental due diligence assessment experience is rooted in the firm’s experienced professional staff having assessed all types of commercial, industrial, and undeveloped sites, both domestically and abroad. These professional’s familiarity in working in industrial and commercial settings is complemented by their ability to understand and know how and where to look for key information about the target portfolio or facility, and understand the applicability of pertinent environmental regulations to the subject site(s). This is especially important when clients would like to understand the cost of addressing identified or suspected liabilities, environmental impacts, non- compliance or other due diligence concerns be it an internal paperwork obligation or a full characterization and clean-up of legacy contamination.

EXCALIBUR’s environmental assessment and audit services benefits clients involved in property transactions in the following ways:

Lenders: Use assessments to screen loan applicants, identify environmental problems associated with loan guarantees, avoid ownership of contaminated properties, protect assets, and develop and make informed foreclosure policies and business decisions;

Sellers: Use assessments to disclose environmental conditions to prospective buyer(s) and benchmark conditions at time of sale to protect against frivolous downstream claims;

Buyers: Use assessments prior to purchase to document presence/absence of environmental liabilities for negotiations and to estimate financial magnitude and time commitment to correct environmental non-compliance and contamination;

Owners/operators: Use assessments to identify problems and risks that may adversely impact assets, profits, or corporate image, and to develop corrective actions to manage, mitigate, and prevent such conditions;

Other Due Diligence Clients: Use assessments as a sound technical basis for negotiating indemnifications, assessing environmental insurance claims risk, identifying appropriate insurance exclusions, defining environmental insurance self-insured retention levels, reimbursements, purchase prices, closing schedules, future obligations, and other terms and conditions of property transactions.

Examples of these and other environmental consulting services offered by EXCALIBUR include:

  • Environmental due diligence assessments
  • Phase I environmental assessments
  • Environmental insurance application reviews and claims risk assessment
  • Environmental liability cost estimating/verification
  • Pre-foreclosure assessments/ estimations
  • Defensible third- party technical reviews
  • Litigation support/expert testimony
  • Pollution insurance claims evaluations
  • Environmental permitting support
  • Industrial/commercial siting studies