Better Ideas

In the business of environmental consulting, engineering and liability/asset management, the best ideas win. Price, reliability, schedule and other factors weigh in, but long-lasting client relationships begin with the best ideas. Too often companies find themselves with contaminated sites which represent significant environmental legacy costs with little to no end in sight. Consent orders, regulatory directives, and other “drivers” have been instituted with insufficient and disappointingly lagging response actions. With budgets established and forecasts pegged to the status quo approach, some programs will continue to represent enduring financial millstones unless smart changes are made.

EXCALIBUR has Better Ideas

EXCALIBUR liability managers, engineers and scientists collaborate to develop better solutions, compatible with our customer’s operations, budgets and business objectives. EXCALIBUR helps clients realize change through innovative resourceful, creative and most importantly, results-oriented ideas.

Real Client Savings

Over the last several years EXCALIBUR successfully expedited exit strategies at four industrial sites, netting clients $3M in cumulative savings.