Risk Management

Whether for investment banking, environmental insurance, or commercial clients, EXCALIBUR’s experts provide reliable estimates of environmental risk so clients stay within corporate-specific risk tolerance thresholds and budgets. EXCALIBUR’s environmental liability risk management experts equip clients with the ideas and the necessary information to adequately understand, reduce, avoid and control environmental risks affecting their businesses.

EXCALIBUR shields clients from excessive environmental risk

EXCALIBUR helps clients identify, assess and prioritize their environmentally-driven risks—insurance claims, commercial and industrial foreclosures, legacy waste handling impacts, hazardous leaks and spills, insufficient due diligence, deficient management practices—often yesteryear’s problems adversely impacting today’s assets. EXCALIBUR helps clients define the root-cause and nature and extent of serious environmental liabilities, and equally important, the means to efficiently reduce, monitor, control, eliminate and ways to efficiently manage them.