Tailored Solutions

Environmental liabilities are costs coming directly off clients’ bottom lines—which is why EXCALIBUR takes the time and effort to understand the context of our mission in support of clients’ operations. We are driven to develop solutions tailored to our clienteles’ operations and culture. Clients hire EXCALIBUR because we are original, capable, and results-oriented.

EXCALIBUR delivers client business-oriented solutions

EXCALIBUR remains singularly focused on client goals as it helps clients assess environmental risks and root out and correct for mistakes in baseline environmental investigations, engineering designs, remedial technology recommendations and construction work plans. We autopsy legacy projects, examine on-going static projects for improvements, and provide keen, well thought out advice on insurance coverage and planned or near-launch site closures. We’ve flagged serious deficiencies in site conceptual models, invoicing mistakes, corrected absolutely wrong remedial technology choices, devised much more streamlined civil engineering and scaled back overblown earthwork plans, rescued clients from unnecessary environmental permitting and reporting redundancies, fostered better waste management/ disposal, and repeatedly shown cost savings through facilitating innovative competitive bidding & contracting.