Tangible Results

Whether thwarting presumptuous lawsuits, flagging historic responsible parties, or forensically pinpointing damaging contaminants and sources, EXCALIBUR applies the salient facts that benefit clients the most. Steadfast re-examinations, autopsies, and re-thinking of problem projects, while specifying/ soliciting tight competitive bids on clients’ behalf deliver significant paybacks. We help clients make informed business decisions that eliminate redundant, excessive, inappropriate, and unnecessary costs. EXCALIBUR brings strong factual analyses, exceptional interdisciplinary skills, present-value business acumen, and practical application to every job. We deliver bottom-line results that enable clients to avoid yesteryear’s liabilities, ineligible claims, severe legal burdens and costs, totally wrong cleanup technologies and strategies, and excessive, status-quo O&M programs.

EXCALIBUR realizes bottom line savings

EXCALIBUR realizes environmental cost savings and maximized asset value for its clients through innovative thinking and hard work. Over the past 10 years alone, EXCALIBUR has successfully expedited more effective exit and site closure strategies at a range of industrial, commercial and former waste disposal sites, netting clients several tens of millions of dollars in cumulative immediate, on-going and future savings.